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I am Henrik Londen, I retired from competitive disc golf after playing my last World Championship in 1989.

Today, I coach both professional and competitive players as well as beginners, kids, and players with special needs.

I have done a number of clinics across Ontario and the feedback has been very positive, players of all skill levels have come away with more than one helpful tip so it surely will improve your game if you are willing to put in some time and work on making your throw and game better.

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  • Member of the Professional Disc Golf Association

    With over 200,000 members, Henrik Londen proudly holds PDGA #4032, making him one of the association's earliest and longest-standing members, with nearly four decades of membership.

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    Henrik is a proud member of Team Innova, a select group of athletes and ambassadors sponsored by Innova Champion Discs. This diverse assembly represents disc golf's top talents, from emerging juniors to seasoned elite professionals.

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    As an Ambassador, Henrik collaborates closely with Innova Discs on various fronts, including event management, sponsorship, clinics, course design, trade shows, and localized promotion to nurture and grow the sport at the grassroots level.

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    Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned player, Henrik's coaching is designed to cater to your needs, helping you develop a solid foundation or refine advanced techniques.

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    One-on-one sessions offer a unique opportunity to receive individualized guidance on improving your technique, form, and overall game.

    Video critique sessions are also available, allowing you to receive personalized feedback on your gameplay from the comfort of your own practice area.

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    Whether you're a local league, a public or private school, or a company looking for a team building event, Henrik can bring his instructional clinics directly to you.

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    • Thomas Gilbert 🏆 2022 Canadian National Champion

      "Henrik has been there to give me a great start and interest in the sport, then taught me all the techniques I need to know and practice to become better, accommodate me in every way possible to get further, and always given me his extremely kind support."

    • Eveliina Salonen • 🏆 4x Finnish Champion

      Eveliina Salonen is one of Disc Golf's top ranked female players. Her achievements include multiple Finnish Championships, FPO European Championship, Konopiste Major Championship, and numerous A-tier victories in 2021.

    Thanks Henrik Londen for the amazing disc golf instruction and coaching experience last night! If you haven't had the chance to work with Henrik yet, I highly recommend you seize the opportunity! His guidance is clear, gentle and kind. Working with him is incredibly helpful. No matter your skill level, he's got literally decades of helpful, funny and enlightening disc golf stories and wisdom. No reason to plateau or get stuck when we have Henrik to support us.

    Andrea Schmidt

    My 8 year old son and I had a first lesson with Henrik the other day. My son and I had both been playing for about 3 months. I got heavily into the game and practiced and played as often as I could but my son was more casual. The lesson improved both of our backhands dramatically. I could throw pretty far, but my accuracy might make people think I was playing blindfolded. After the lesson, my discs went farther, and clustered nicely in the general area I was throwing. More importantly, my son was pleased with his distance and accuracy of his throws. Hopefully this new confidence will increase his enjoyment and desire to spend more time out on the course. It was a pleasure meeting Henrik. I look forward to more lessons in the future.

    Would like to throw a huge shout out to Henrik Londen for the time he gave me yesterday. I've had a lesson with him in the past and is truly a great coach and teacher of the game. He was at Barrie Disc Golf Club I was on hole 9 longs he came over and said hi. Like he always does he can't help but spread his wisdom. Noticed a little flaw with in my reach back 10 minutes later success. So grateful to have a friend like you in the sport. If you see him around remember he is a open book always ready to teach.

    My son and I have been playing disc golf together for 5 years. My son is a teenager and loves disc golf as much as I do, and this has become our way of bonding. However, we never seemed to progress or get better. After a few lessons with Henrik our play has dramatically improved. We now both throw farther and more accurate. Our approach and putting is much better and for the first time we are under par at our local course! We highly recommend Henrik to anyone looking to improve at this great game.

    Tim Smith

    Everyone is on their own disc golf journey. I watch other people throw, I watch videos, I do field work, I dream about myself playing disc golf, and even started a women's group in my city. I ask everyone for tips and tricks and help and put as much of the advice as I can into practice. Despite all of my efforts, things just weren't "clicking". I'm a woman in my 40's.... short, overweight, not athletic, uncoordinated, and ADDICTED to chucking discs. I was very fortunate to meet Henrik Londen recently. In such a short time, he suggested some changes that have completely transformed my throws. I am now developing something not only that I CAN do, but throws I can CONTROL as well. What a game changer... Today, I turned some heads. (but I kept mine still!!!). It felt soooo good. In addition to my long list of flaws... I'm also a teacher. I have some amazing friends who know how to play disc golf really well, but it's a totally different thing to TEACH something you already know how to do well to someone who's struggling. Especially when they play better and faster than I do, and I hold them up. Being able to break down a throw into parts and scaffold them back together, identifying minute flaws a long the way, is a talent that stems from dedication and is not easily achieved. Henrik, you are certainly a wizard. I look so forward to the next time our paths cross. I may not be a Paige Pierce... but I certainly felt like I could be today. Thank you

    So excited to practise everything Henrick showed me today at my lesson! I'm still so surprised just a few changes to my throw improves everything immediately! No more discs turning over and not coming back. Soo much more control and distance. Was shocked with how much farther I could throw after going to his clinic last year and this lesson has been the perfect follow up to getting an even better throw.

    Thanks Henrik for trekking to Peterborough to help me and other club members. I played ultimate for years before taking up disc golf, and as a result have a lot of technique tweaking to do. I spent an hour yesterday with Henrik, working on tempo, grip, step length, and I learned a number of tips that I hope will translate to a repeatable, consistent backhand drive. More distance is always great, but I’d like to focus on control first, and yesterday’s lesson will help greatly with that. Time to spend hours in the field practicing!

    I'm sure many have heard the recommendation, but Oksana Wankiewicz and I were lucky enough to have a lesson with Henrik Londen the other day. He has an excellent eye for breaking down form and gives very concise coaching cues that are easy to follow. Oksana and I both added over 30ft to our drives throughout the lesson and now have great cues to focus on for our field work. If you are wanting to knock some strokes off your game by improving your swing, we highly recommend contacting Henrik to book a lesson!

    Aidan Haslet
    posted on Facebook

    Had a disc golf lesson with Henrik Londen yesterday. It was really informative and well conducted. I enjoyed his perspective and his love of the game and knowledge of the game. He also spread good vibes the whole time to others on the course with little tips. Highly recommend using his services if you get the opportunity.

    I'm late posting this, but on September 18 we were grateful for a disc golf clinic by Henrik Londen at the new course at University of Waterloo, Columbia Lake. Henrik actually spent most of the day on site running multiple clinics for a City of Waterloo event, a UW event, and then finished with the clinic for GRDGA. Henrik's guidance and keen eye helped players of all experience levels to improve their games. If you get the chance to have Henrik visit your club, I say jump on the opportunity. I look forward to my next chance to get some more pointers from him. Thanks Henrik!

    Thanks again Henrik Londen. My backhand has gotten a lot smoother because of your lesson and I'm now even throwing some forehands in game play and I used to avoid forehands completely! Great advice, amazing value... I would also encourage other clubs to invite him.

    Time for an extra huge shout out to Henrik. I've had 3 lessons with him this year. This past Saturday he helped me tweak even more parts of my throw. I didn't play at all on Sunday and then came out tonight for an evening round. I beat my pb by 2 strokes AND had my first bogey-less round. This guy really knows how to teach and every time I have a lesson with him I see big improvements with my game! You're awesome Henrik Londen!

    Got another lesson from Henrik last week. I kinda figured I'd topped out for distance for the moment and needed to just practise a ton to get more snap. Well I was wrong lol. He helped me change a couple more things in my ex step and grip and then I was able to throw farther with way less effort. He really knows his stuff! If you think you've topped out with distance I bet Henrik can help you get an extra 50ft or more!

    Ur never to old to stop learning and taking good advice. Yesterday I had a good time listening and taken pointer from Henrik Londen. He is a great guy and has has true passion for game and to help out others. I would suggest to anyone looking to better there disc golf game to contact him. I look forward to meeting with him again thanks for your time and dedication to the game

    i had the pleasure of taking my first lesson with Henrik yesterday. within a few throws i was able to correct my posture and achieve both the desired flight path and remove variables to increase accuracy and distance. Henrik has a good eye for such things and communicated in an effective manner. i'm already looking forward to my next lesson. give this veteran a try!

    Had a great time at Orillia Clinic. Thanks again for making the trip up. Excellent presentation. Concepts were explained thoroughly and concisely. Valuable information for all skill levels. Looking forward to ingraining the lessons into my game.... Just gotta "slow down" and "cut my head off". Going to do my homework and hopefully attend another clinic later this summer. if you have the opportunity to check out a clinic you'd be remiss not to. Thanks again!

    Too notch clinic by Henrik! Many helpful tips and pointers. Thanks for a great day!

    I took a private lesson with Henrik this summer. This is what I learned; better footwork + better arm position +better follow thru = more consistent play. But the putting lesson helped the most.

    I wanted to give a huge shout out to Henrik. His clinic in Peterborough helped me a ton! I put into practise the tips he gave in the clinic, and in my second round that day I was out driving myself in a big way! Super glad I came to the clinic. Henrik is a great teacher!

    Just wanted to send out a big thanks to Henrik. I attended one of his clinics in Peterborough, and it was probably the best ten bucks I spent on disc golf. His instruction was clear, articulate, and at times humorous. He took the time to answer all questions and make sure everyone understood the teaching points. I tend to watch a lot of instructional videos on YouTube but having the instructor there in person does make a difference. If you are looking to improve your form, or gain some extra distance, Henrik comes highly recommended. #slowandsmooth

    Taras Pater
    posted on Facebook

    #HenrikLonden helped my game so much! I owe a lot of my progress to him. And he DID IT ALL THROUGH VIDEOS! Thank you brother!!

    My 3rd yr of playing disc golf is coming to an end and what a year it has been. With only my second year of tournaments, I managed to get 3 wins, 2 seconds and a few decent finishes. I also heard that I managed to win the O-Cup Tour in the Advanced Masters Division. I recorded 3 aces thus far this year as well. Why am I posting this here? Because Henrik Londen saw my enthusiasm 2 years ago and began coaching me. He has worked with me on my form, my putting and the mental aspect of the game. I could barely throw a disc 100 ft. Now I have recorded throws well over 400 ft. So I would like to say a big thank you to you sir for helping me achieve this most awesome year! Salute!

    Allan Walker, Toronto PDGA #77930

    I’m a older player, relatively new to disc golf. This fall I was able to take advantage of Henrik Londen's coaching sessions. In each session, Henrik took his time to identify important elements in my game. He then drew upon his considerable knowledge and experience to provide clear and practical steps on how I could improve my drives, midrange shots, and putts. Henrick's analytical and positive approach has helped improve my game considerably

    Reg Hawes

    If anyone needs some work in form or over all game Henrik Londen is the guy you want to help you amazing coach he keeps it simple from back hands to putting, get your lessons take your game to the next level!

    Derek Jones Barrie PDGA # 91842

    Henrik is the perfect person to meet if you need to get into disc golf. When I started playing disc golf I went to the ET Seton disc golf course and started to play with my friends. Then Henrik came over and asked if he could show us your proper techniques to quickly improve our game. After spending about 10 minutes with him I had already started to improve on my throw and he was very generous and gave me a disc to test out and use for the time being. Over the next couple weeks I continue to play and needed some more discs and I remembered Henrik telling me about himself being a disc dealer and so I contacted him and got some discs from him after going out to my school and testing them out on the field. Here he gave me more tips and advice to improve my game further and further and eventually we became great friends and someone I could reach out to you whenever I needed help or someone to play with for disc golf. Henrik has been very helpful over the past eight months of me playing and I now wish to pursue disc golf as part of my future and it wouldn't of been possible for me to get this far if it weren't for Henrik.


    Henrik Londen is a true local gem in our disc golf community of Midland, Ontario. He is always accessible and has been a yearly feature of our Sixty and Hyzer Disc Golf League, giving a spring clinic to the group every spring and even occasionally surprising us by joining us occasionally through the year. Henrik has a natural ability to zone in on specific areas that could improve players’ throws while keeping the instruction simple and easy to remember. My personal favourite "Henrikism" is, "Smooth is long!". As long as I am involved in the Sixty and Hyzer group, Henrik will be a regular part of its program.

    Dan Gilbert, founder, Sixty and Hyzer Disc Golf League

    Henrik has also been there to support my ideas in this golf once I got into the sport I started coming up with these insane proposals to create this golf courses and to try to approach different disc golf companies to try to get more into in the game. And after every idea I had he would support me as best as he could to try to accommodate for me such as contacting high officials in the disc golf community for me and connecting me to some of the great players of disc golf. Overall Henrik has been there to give me a great start an interest in the sport, then taught me all the techniques I need to know and practice to become better, accommodate me in every way possible to get further, and alway given me his extremely kind support..

    Thomas Gilbert, PDGA # 85850

    After responding to one of the only ads on kijiji for golf discs I had the pleasure of meeting Henrik. Being a "newbie" I had a lot of questions for Henrik. Not only did he take the time to listen but he agreed to meet me at my home and allow me to try out his merchandise. This trial quickly turned into an informal lesson whereby Henrik spent almost ninety minutes demonstrating proper technique while analyzing my beginner throw. I left the session with a much greater understanding of the fundamental mechanics as well as my own personalized set of discs in which I could trust and further develop my skills. I was so impressed with Henrik's presentation that I asked if he would assist my 19 year old son as well. Unfortunately I think I will now be losing many matches to my son! Henrik sees the value in growing the game of disc golf. His enthusiasm and passion for the game is truly contagious. All is appreciated.

    Peter Jaklic


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