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We are a small team of designers, technologists, and cat lovers who are passionate about design, business, and cats.  We live in the heart of downtown Toronto, near vibrant Dundas Square.

We hope that our minimalist, vivid, and lively designs make you happy. We aim for our designs to be as vibrant, brilliant, buzzy, dynamic and colourful as the city of Toronto itself.

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Mark Oates, founder of CLUBCATT

Mark Oates, Founder

In 2021, Mark Oates made a bold decision to leave his secure position as Sr. Software Developer at Shopify in Toronto and embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Shortly after, Mark founded CLUBCATT, a technology-driven company specializing in print-on-demand products, innovative marketing, artificial intellegence, and cats. Having founded successful ventures in the past, and recognizing an unleveraged opportunity, Mark remains the driving force behind CLUBCATT, spearheading strategic marketing initiatives and product development.