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Cats Faces on a T-Shirt

Cats Faces on a T-Shirt

OK real talk, this cat shirt design gets the most compliments out of all of our cat shirts. The Cats Faces on a T-Shirt stands out. Each funny cat face is in its own row and column, like a sudoko piece. It's a stylish blend of stencil art and fashion.


See size guide below for sizing information.

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About the Cat Faces on a T-Shirt

Cat Faces on a T-Shirt being shown in heather grey fabric color
Showing Cat Faces on a T-Shirt in Sport Grey

Looking for a cool cat shirt that's cute and quirky? Check out our Cats Faces on a T-Shirt – a fun black and white cat design arranged like a puzzle. Each cat face has a unique expression, perfect for cat lovers and trendsetters.

The contrast of white on black adds style, highlighting the stencil cat design. The funny cat expressions bring a playful vibe, making this shirt a fun conversation starter.

Carefully made, this cat t-shirt shows our love for cats and style. Wear it casually or for a social event – it adds a cool touch to your look.

Join other cat fans who love the Cats Faces on a T-Shirt. Get your wearable art piece that mixes cuteness, humor, and style. Add it to your wardrobe and show your unique love for cats!

Cat Faces on a T-Shirt in a Variety of Colors

Showing multiple fabric color options for Cat Faces on a T-Shirt
Showing Cat Faces on a T-Shirt in Sport Grey, Dark Heather, Navy, and Grey

Size Guide for Cat Faces on a T-Shirt

Get the Right Shirt Size

Find a favorite t-shirt of yours, and put it on a flat surface. Get your measuring tape and measure from one armpit to the other. Now, match it with the size guide below. For a more huggable fit, try going down a size!

Measuring Guide

WIDTH is measured across the chest just below the armpit.

LENGTH is measured from the top edge of the shirt, from the collar's edge to the bottom of the shirt (as shown in the image).

Size Dimensions

Imperial (inches) Metric (centimeters)
S 28 in 18 in S 71.1 cm 45.7 cm
M 29 ¼ in 20 in M 74.3 cm 50.8 cm
L 30 ¼ in 22 in L 76.8 cm 55.9 cm
XL 31 ¼ in 24 in XL 79.4 cm 61 cm
2XL 32 ½ in 26 in 2XL 82.6 cm 66 cm

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